Fabrienne “Fabs” Trebizo was born on August 29, 1977. She has written a manuscript about her childhood and how she was able to break the cycle. In the manuscript, she talks about how she was able to deal with obstacles that some never overcome. Suffering from a heroin-addicted father who tremendously abused her mother, Fabs witnessed this abuse as if it was an everyday routine. However, because of her circumstances she suffered so much pain and agony and tried to commit suicide. Instead of learning from the terrible experiences, she started following the same cycle that she saw at her home.She ended up with the same kind of abusive relationships as a young woman.

     And just when she thought she was getting it together, two of the most influential people of her life passed away in a years time. Her turning point was when she acknowledged that her life wasn’t going anywhere and she was suffering deep inside. For the love of her children, she decided to leave her old self, the Fabs that she was accustomed to, and broke the cycle!


Fab’s books cover a range of topics such as Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Poetry.